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Print Management and Copy Control Solutions (aka "Pay-for-Print")
Whether your organization is a library, college, business or non-profit, controlling the cost of printing and copying is a critical task.  We all have budgets and are under pressure to cut costs, while trying our best to conserve the Earth's resources.  Managing these expenses is a clear example of when being green helps your bottom line. 

TRACSYSTEMS has been in the cost recovery market for over 30 years.  In the beginning, serving legal and architectural firms, then branching out to public libraries and higher education institutions, we have a long history of delivering results.

Libraries want to provide printing and copying services to their patrons that are easy to use and manage.  A print management system is a great way to charge fair prices for the use of library devices.  While they're not trying to turn a profit, libraries want patrons to make responsible decsions about printing and copying, and at the same time bring in the revenue to keep equipment updated and working well.

Colleges, universities and trade schools want their students to be able to print and copy using quotas that are a part of their student fees, or using one-card accounts linked to their student ID or credentials.  The print management system can also be expanded to the administrative side, where print and copy costs are even greater, utilizing a departmental charge-back feature to improve accounting.

Businesses and non-profits want their employees to make informed and responsible decisions each time they print or copy.  While employees do not pay for printing, an effective print management solution allows administrators to create and enforce print policies.  Employees are shown print and copy costs, and prompted to make the best decision for the organization (i.e. print in B/W instead of color or print double-sided instead of single.

So what's next?  Contact TRACSYSTEMS for a free consultation.

TRACSYSTEMS provides custom configured software solutions that will help you achieve your goals.  We also provide all of the hardware options you will need.  We offer Lexmark and HP printers and MFPs, or we'll work with your current printer/copier vendor to integrate the ideal solution.

When it comes to payment options, TRACSYSTEMS has the experience and products to exceed your needs.  From basic coin-operated units, to stored value card systems, to custom manufactured add value station self-serve kiosks, the TRACSYSTEMS can deliver. 

We'll listen to gain an understanding of what challenges you need to solve, and put together a proposal that makes sense.