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Where We Started:

Founded in 1981, TRACSYSTEMS started out as a service organization. The utilization of Danyl data recorders to capture copier transaction data, enabled professional firms to bill back clients for copies, faxes, and phone charges. Our customers received either hard copy reports or had data imported into their respective billing packages. To meet increasing demand for even more customizable solutions, we soon designed, developed, and produced our own devices. An expansion into debit card systems for the higher education market was accomplished by becoming a national distributor for AllData GMBH (later to become InterCard GMBH) – a German manufacturer with a unique concept of providing a counterfeit proof card system in 1984. Soon, with accounts across the country, debit card systems and cards became the majority of the sales volume at TRAC. In 1991 TRACSYSTEMS incorporated in the state of Texas.

What We Have Accomplished:

In 1993, TRACSYSTEMS developed the first system to include usability at pay for print, copy, and POS stations on a combination library/debit card for Baltimore County Public Library (called the "WOW Card"). Charles Robinson – then director of BCPL – guided the project to great success. It had a very prosperous run for over 10 years. Since that time, TRACSYSTEMS has sold the latest combination of software and payment system offerings from all around the world. We sold Lynx 5000 (now GoPrint), OCS, EnvisionWare, and CMS software before the emergence of Pharos Systems as the premier solution for all markets. We are now the leading reseller and service provider of Pharos Systems Uniprint for print management, Off The Glass for copier management, and Signup for PC management in the Public Library and Higher Education markets in the US.

Where We Are Going:

As an organization, it is our primary goal to bring our customers the most effective and efficient hardware and software solutions available. We realize that although many of our customer's sites are similar, none are identical and so we continually strive to develop and integrate flexible and customizable solutions to you.