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TRACSYSTEMS has partnered with Pharos Systems for over 20 years and is now the largest value added reseller of Pharos software in the country. Pharos Systems International, Inc. develops powerful and innovative print optimization software and services ideal for educational institutions, corporations and libraries. Pharos pioneered print control and management software in the early 1990's and continues to lead the industry today providing solutions that save customers money, enable greener printing and make printing more secure and convenient.

Pharos Key Features - 

        Allows for cost recovery and leads to reduced waste

        Convenient & easy to use printing from mobile devices, without sacrificing security

    Departmental chargeback
        Allocate costs for recovery and control

    Secure Release HereĀ®
        Intuitive authentication for cost savings, green printing and document and device security

    Informed Print
        Alerts for user awareness means less waste

    Computer Reservations
        Ensure easy & fair access to public computers without staff intervention

Why Choose Pharos?

  • Reduce spending on paper, toner, ink & equipment
  • Recover costs of printing & copying
  • Support green initiatives by reducing print volume and waste
  • Make printing more convenient and secure
  • Track & monitor printing and copying
  • Make fact-based decisions about adding, removing and relocating equipment
  • Integrate print management solution with existing systems, including campus card systems
  • Multiple user interface solutions