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Pharos Uniprint for Higher Education
Uniprint for Higher Education Brochure

Key Features & Applications
  • Pay for Print - charge for network printing to recover costs & reduce unnecessary printing.
  • Print/Copy Accounting - track each print device for cost, number of pages, color vs. B/W, etc. Data can be used to make fact-based decisions about adding, removing or relocating equipment. Also tracks print jobs that were submitted but never printed so you know your waste savings.
  • Secure Release Here - enables users to print and receive jobs anywhere. The job will not print until the user arrives at the printer and releases the job so documents remain safe and confidential.
  • Authentication - users must swipe card or enter ID to release print job.
  • MobilePrint - print from any email-enabled mobile device to any printer.
  • Departmental Chargeback - enables faculty, staff & administration to allocate print/copy costs to a specific budget center, which could be an academic department, administrative office, program, grant, contract, etc.

Pharos Uniprint® was the first cost-recovery software solution developed for higher education — and it’s still the market leader. Uniprint is a flexible, scalable, and device-independent system for tracking, monitoring, controlling, and charging for network printing. It routinely delivers print cost savings, paper waste reduction, and convenient print services to millions of users in more than 1,000 institutions worldwide.

With Pharos Uniprint software you can:

  • Recover your printing costs with student pay-for-print and use the recovered funds to defray current expenses or pay for needed improvements and upgrades.
  • Save money by deploying processes and technologies that encourage responsible printing, including Secure Release Here® and Informed Print.
  • Help your institution go green by dramatically cutting printing waste. Reductions in the 50-80% range are not uncommon.
  • Improve printing security with Secure Release Here — and at the same time make printing significantly more flexible and convenient.
  • Enable Departmental Chargeback with the Administrative Print Application to control and manage a shared print/copy budget with pre-established allocations and users to prevent overspending.
  • Integrate easily with campus card systems, including Blackboard, CBORD Odyssey, CBORD CS Gold, and Heartland Payment Systems Campus Solutions OneCard.
  • Permit guest users to use guest cards to access secured print/copy devices without assigning login credentials.

A workhorse of undisputed reliability and accuracy, Uniprint is widely known for its unmatched flexibility in meeting customers’ unique requirements, adapting to the individual characteristics of their host networks, and supporting the widest variety of devices and campus card systems. Centralized administration makes it easy to maintain your print services. And Uniprint’s mobile printing functionality means that students, faculty, and staff can print from any device (mobile or otherwise) on or off campus to any secure printer.

Uniprint is part of the Pharos Uniprint Solution Suite, along with Off-The-Glass® and SignUp.

Pharos offers a number of user interface solutions for Uniprint:

  • With the Pharos integrated multifunction printer (iMFP) solution, the user interface to Uniprint is seamlessly built into the MFP. There are more than 250 MFP models from Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp, and Xerox available as iMFPs integrated with Uniprint.
  • The Pharos Omega PS200 is an external device that hosts the Uniprint interface.
  • The Pharos Omega PS60 allows users to release their print jobs with a swipe of their campus card.