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TRACCARD Stored Value Card System 

The TRACSYSTEMS TRACCARD Stored Value Card System is the ideal choice for organizations that do not want to use a "value-in-the-system" virtual accounts system for print and copy payments.  With the TRACCARD system the patron's or student's money is on their card, not in a database account.  The card can be inserted at a print release station to pay for prints, or at a copier to enable it for use.  The small footprint readers are rugged, durable and economical.  Above all, the system is easy to use.  Our card technology is encrypted and reports of corrupted cards are unheard of.  The cards can also be customized for your library or school.

AVS III - Dispenser & Add Value Station 

A simple, stand-alone device with an intuitive touchscreen, guides users through purchasing a TRACCARD or adding funds to an existing card.

TCRS - Release Station Terminal

Print release station card reader - connects to a computer where users release their jobs.Users log in, insert TRACCARD and their balance is displayed. Print jobs can then be released and when finished, the new balance will be written to the card.

TC11 - Copier Terminal

Users insert their TRACCARD into this card reader to enable a copier for use.

TC41 - "Minitill" Staff Terminal

This unit is used by staff members to manually initialize, credit and debit a TRACCARD.

TCVS Release Station Vending

The TCVS TRACCARD Vend Station allows users to use coins, bills, or their TRACCARD to release print jobs from a print release station in most popular print and copy management software. After logging into the print release station and inserting their TRACCARD, the user’s card balance will display. Cash can also be added. Print jobs can be released. When finished, the new balance will be written to the user’s card and ejected. The terminal connects via serial port or with a serial to USB adapter

TCCS Copy Vend Station
The TCCS TRACCARD Copy Station allows users to use coins, bills, or their TRACCARD to pay for copies. The TCCS connects to major make and model copiers though the foreign device interface (FDI). As users add minimum amnount of cash or insert their TRACCARD, the copier will be enabled for normal use. After their copy session is over, the card balance will be updated and ejected.

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