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System Profiler
Simple, Effective, IT Asset Management
  • A powerful inventory solution that identifies and stores detailed hardware and software data for every workstation across your deployment
  • Quickly search your network for workstations that match specified criteria and run detailed reports on either present or historical hardware/software configurations.

Accelerate IT Productivity
Automate the cumbersome process of manual IT asset inventory. Say good-bye to Excel spreadsheets as you effortlessly track IT assets from a central platform and minimize errors, identifying and addressing workstation changes/ differences quickly 

Ensure license compliance
System Profiler identifies workstations which contain legacy applications and/or out-dated software or hardware that can compromise your operations. Easily discover workstations which require updating and confirm the quantities of specific software you have deployed to avoid licensing issues. 

Technical Features
  • Query an extensive range of workstation hardware and software information across a deployment
  • Search current and historical workstation information stored by specific criteria
  • Reports easily identify software and hardware changes and report on status on workstations over time
  • Export reports into CSV format to be used in other reporting software or to allow for further customization
  • Managed through Faronics Core