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SignUp for Higher Education

Public access computers (PACs) in libraries and computer labs continue to be an essential part of the higher education landscape despite the fact that increasing numbers of students are using their own laptops on campus. Ensuring that students have equitable access to PACs is therefore very important, but making it happen can be very difficult. Manual reservation systems are labor-intensive, while moderating disagreements and enforcing restrictions can be stressful for your staff.

Now you can facilitate management of library computers with Pharos SignUp, a computer reservation system that automates the administrative and enforcement roles required for PACs and offers a variety of mix-and-match reservation options, security features, patron identification methods, and reporting choices. It ensures orderly and fair access to shared computers, freeing up librarians to focus on their core activities. SignUp is part of the Pharos Uniprint Solution Suite, along with Uniprint® and Off-The-Glass®.

The Pharos SignUp computer reservation system:

  • Offers three flexible reservation modes: scheduled, queued and immediate
  • Allows block reservations for classes or study groups
  • Automatically manages time allocations, based on level of demand and future reservations
  • Integrates easily with third party Internet-filtering software
  • Offers a web-based management tool, the Nerve Center, which enables librarians to remotely supervise PAC use
  • Provides full audit trail and reporting options

The solution begins at a SignUp Station, where students swipe their campus card or type their ID to initiate the fast and intuitive three-step reservation process. When the reserved time begins, students authenticate themselves at the PAC to ensure that only they are able to access it. When the reserved time is about to expire, SignUp first notifies, and then gracefully logs the student off. The computer is available for the next reservation without any staff intervention.