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Scanning & Faxing

- Lower cost options
- Classic flat bed scanner with 17 inch book edge that protects books
- Scan and deliver your documents to a variety of destinations
- Add a duplexing automated document feeder to enhance convenience


- Get the best of both worlds using  Zeutschel top of the line overhead system combined with the easy to use Scannx user interface.
 - Scan larger documents with A2 or A3 sized scanning beds
- Load the Scannx software on your own computer or use an integrated PC on the Zeta and Chrome models

Easily scan and send to:

The next generation in self-service book scanning solutions.
  • Accelerate research and collaboration
  • Patented Book-Edge scanner design protects the book spine from damage
  • Go Green - Save to digital formats eliminating paper and toner costs
  • Reliable & Easy-to-use touchscreen interface -  no training required
  • 50% faster than other models
  • Reduce copier and IT costs
  • Debit/Credit card systems supported