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Payment Solutions
TRACSYSTEMS offers a variety of payment solutions for your print and copy environment.  Over our 30 years of experience in the cost recovery market, we have partnered with the finest solutions providers to offer our customers the most functional, reliable, and cost effective options.  TRACSYSTEMS also manufactures our own line of payment hardware.

This includes our flagship TRACSYSTEMS AVSII  Self-Serve Add Value Station, a networked kiosk designed and manufactured by TRACSYSTEMS in our Addison, Texas-based headquarters.  The AVSII allows end-users to create and add funds to virtual or deposit database accounts in leading print management software systems.  A large color touchscreen guides the user through each step, resulting in a better customer experience and less staff involvement.

After creating and adding funds to a virtual or deposit account, users can use these accounts to pay for printing at print release stations, embedded devices. The same account can be used to make copies at a TRACSYSTEMS Copicode-IP networked copier controller.  Equipped with any authentication reader, users can swipe, scan, or enter their ID to enable the copier and charge copies to their account.  

The TRACSYSTEMS AVS III  is Self-Serve Add Value Station used for the dispensing and re-charging for the popular TRACCARD Stored Value Card System.  Requiring only a power supply, the AVSIII allows users to purchase new cards or add funds to their existing card.  The cards purchased at the AVSIII can be used to pay for printing, copying, and can also be used in vending machines.

In addition to self-serve kiosks that add funds to a virtual account or stored value card, TRACSYSTEMS also offers simple "Coin-ops" or coin and bill operated vend stations that will connect to print release station computers and most makes and models of copiers and MFPs.  Users can simply drop coins and insert bills to pay for their services, receiving change when finished.

TRACSYSTEMS also integrates our TRACCARD reader module into coin-operated vend stations.  The TCVS and TCCS allows users to release print jobs or make copies using coins, bills, or their stored value TRACCARD. This is a great way to offer multiple convenient payment solutions to your end users!