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PaperCut Downloads

Download the latest version of PaperCut


Document Last Updated
PaperCut MF - User Manual (PDF) (as per latest release)
PaperCut MF - MFD Integration Feature Matrix (PDF) 2012-10-12
Embedded Solutions
PaperCut MF - HP Chai Embedded Manual (PDF)
PaperCut MF - HP FutureSmart Embedded Manual (PDF)  2012-11-01
PaperCut MF - Konica-Minolta Embedded Manual (PDF) 2012-11-13
PaperCut MF - Kyocera Mita Embedded Manual (PDF) 2012-10-29
PaperCut MF - Lexmark Embedded Manual (PDF) 2011-11-13
PaperCut MF - Lexmark Embedded Touch Screen Printer Manual (T656dne) (PDF) 2011-08-11
PaperCut MF - Lexmark Embedded Print Release Manual (PDF) 2011-08-11
PaperCut MF - Ricoh Embedded Manual (PDF) 2012-11-01
PaperCut MF - Samsung Embedded Manual (PDF) 2012-06-01
PaperCut MF - Sharp OSA Embedded Manual (PDF) 2012-03-05
PaperCut MF - Toshiba Embedded Manual (PDF) 2012-11-05
PaperCut MF - Toshiba SDK2 Embedded Manual (PDF) 2012-11-05
PaperCut MF - Xerox Secure Access Manual (PDF) 2012-08-29
PaperCut MF - Xerox Network Accounting Manual (PDF) 2012-08-29
Hardware Solutions
PaperCut MF - Cartadis cPad Manual (PDF)
Extra Resources: CPad release history (KB Article) and CPad FAQ (KB Article).
(version 2.0.0)
PaperCut MF - Copicode-IP Setup Guide (PDF)
(version 1.6)

Payment Gateways
Payment Gateway Module - Manual (PDF)
Payment Gateway Module - Authorize.Net - Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Payment Gateway Module - Barclaycard ePDQ CPI - Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Payment Gateway Module - Blackboard - Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Payment Gateway Module - CardSmith - Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Payment Gateway Module - CBORD Data Xchange - Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Payment Gateway Module - CBORD - Quick Start Guide (PDF)
(legacy, for CBORD Odyssey pre-5.2)
Payment Gateway Module - CommWeb - Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Supporting Documentation

General Information
PaperCut and AD Groups Example (PDF)