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Off The Glass for Higher Education

Pharos Off-The-Glass® enables you to track, control, and charge for copying. It integrates seamlessly with Pharos Uniprint®, so your IT staff will have one unified system for managing mixed copy and print environments, and end users will have one operational model whether they’re copying or printing.

With Off-The-Glass you can:

  • Recover copy costs with student pay-for-copy
  • Eliminate expensive copy controllers
  • Streamline copy accounting by enabling faculty, administration, and staff to charge copy jobs to a department, grant, or contract
  • Ensure that only authorized people can use your copy devices

Off-The-Glass works with copiers and multifunction products from all major manufacturers, which ensures a seamless fit into your existing environment. And it offers the same level of configuration flexibility that you have come to expect from Pharos products, so you can implement copy management the way you want to. Off-The-Glass is part of the Pharos Uniprint Solution Suite, along with Uniprint® and SignUp.

Pharos offers a number of user interface solutions for Off-The-Glass:

  • With the Pharos integrated multifunction printer (iMFP) solution, the user interface to Off-The-Glass is seamlessly built into the MFP. There are more than 250 MFP models from Canon, HP, Konica Minolta,Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp, and Xerox available as iMFPs integrated with Pharos Off-The-Glass.
  • The Pharos Omega PS200 is an external device that hosts the interface to Off-The-Glass.
Off-The-Glass® for Higher Education Brochure

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