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Screen View
lendIT by D-Tech is a 24-hour self service, vending library you can place anywhere. Offer your patrons the ultimate convenience with this easy to use and easy to manage library vending unit.

lendIT™ can hold up to 1,000 items including books, CDs and DVDs and is ideal for any indoor or outdoor location including bus stops, hospitals, airports or community centers. The intuitive software uses flow control and can display titles, images and captions and is of course, customizable to include your branding. Users simply use the touch screen to search for items by title, author or subject, lendITTM locates the item and delivers it to the user via the access door.  lendIT also allows for returns and reservations. 


  • Accommodates reservations and customer pick up
  • item capacity is 200 - 1000 units
  • Issue and return options available
  • First screen branded and customized with key instructions for operation
  • Search options via category (author, title, Blu-Ray, etc.)
  • Patron barcode reader included for user account access
  • Compatible to Danish data model and ISO 28560-2
  • System uses tag identifier in conjunction with online ILS/LMS connection
  • Items displayed with correlating image and details for easy selction