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Inventory Wand
The D-Tech RFID Wand allows users to easily collect information from items on the shelves with one pass. The information is stored on the PDA which is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. The PDA can be carried by the user or with a special clip, connected directly onto the RFID wand. 

If you are searching for an item, the PDA will alert the user with a visual and audio indicator, allowing the user to complete an inventory and search for an item at the same time. The multi-function software enables you to search for
  • Initial inventory
  • Misplaced or incorrectly shelved items
  • Special Media
  • Reservations
  • Number of borrowings
Fast and easy data transfer allows library staff to search for items on hold without the need for IT staff to download files.  The D-Tech RFID Inventory Wand can also be used with other suppliers RFID systems.