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Create Collaborative Learning Environments
  • Insight helps instructors deliver a better learning experience with the ability to educate, assist, monitor and communicate with the entire class from one central computer.
  • Insight has always helped teachers, but now it helps out IT professionals too.
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Harnessing Technology
Faronics Insight helps instructors harness the power of technology to deliver a better learning experience. Insight puts teachers back in control of the classroom with an easy-to-use Teacher Console. Equipped with superior monitoring and control features, it creates an interactive lesson with more communication and collaboration tools. 

On Task Instruction
Insight makes it easy for instructors to command control of the classroom sooner and keep students focused on the task at hand.. Thanks to application and web limiting, Insight eliminates tempting distractions like games and instant messaging. Using the screen-monitoring, instructors can be confidant students are working on the assignment. 

Enable Collaboration
Insight creates a more interactive learning environment where instructors can share their screen with the class or share a user’s screen with other users. It’s even easier to communicate with the ability to broadcast messages and the handy chat feature allows even the shyest students to ask questions without raising their hand. Teachers can hold classroom votes and gauge understanding using the built-in testing feature. 

Simplified IT Management
Insight eliminates the headache of managing a computer-based learning environment. With the new free Tech Console, IT Administrators can do more with less. Administrators can now provide remote support and perform network management tasks without even leaving their desks. The Tech Console also allows IT to control Faronics Deep Freeze too.

  • Control multi-media playback to the entire class
  • Screencast from instructor to class or student to student
  • Control student computers remotely and co-browse websites
  • Send messages to students or run class-wide polls or tests
  • Control, block, launch and manage applications and website on all student machines
  • Monitor all student activities through list or thumbnail view, and view application usage and browser history
  • iPhone and iPad apps: Teacher's Assistant iPad AppTeacher's Assistant iPhone AppInsight Student iPadInsight Student iPhone
  • Tech Console simplifies remote network management and enables remote support for teachers and students