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ICE SelfCheck
D-Tech’s SelfCheck ECO is a space-saving desktop SelfCheck kiosk designed with a low carbon footprint and ergonomic guidelines. Its modular design allows for easy add on options and special care has been taken to make this unit easy and accessible for library staff to maintain and manage.
  • Compatible with D-Tech 13.56MHz RFID labels and items tagged with labels from book suppliers
  • D-Tech digitally enhanced software to chip technology ensures best read write with false-alarm free protection
  • Standard integrated barcode scanning
  • Options to add biometrics and smartcards for borrower ID
  • Software supports multi-item issue, returns and renew functions, with a choice of payment functions (coins, bills, print/copy account or credit card)
  • Mounts as a standalone unti or desktop onto existing furniture
  • Compatible with other suppliers installations - data models supported