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GateViewer Software
D-Tech's team of software developers have crafted and rigorously test the V4 software application which is now used in over 210 libraries in Europe. The small, in-house task force of software developers allow for low costs, high performance and optimal flexibility for every clients' needs.  It also quickly and easily adapts to changes in data standards and current regulations.

The software is fully compatible with many other supplier labels which means that we can not only offer support to non D-Tech sites but also install our SelfChecks in sites which have previously been supported by other suppliers. Switching is hassle-free, without any disruption to service and our research has shown that we are considerably more cost effective than competitor companies.
  • Clear item display
  • Warning pop-up windows
  • Email alerts
  • SIP2 and NCIP compliant
  • Item search option
  • Export data
  • TCP/IP connection
  • Multiple reader connection to one display