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Laptop or tablet Self-Service
The Diplomat is a laptop self-service kiosk that allows for secure access to a laptop or tablet such as iPad without waiting in line. 

To check out a laptop, the user simply scans their library card and the Diplomat will instruct them to open an assigned locker. The locker will still be secure until the user is in front of it and they have placed their card on the reader. Once authenticated, the locker will open. Returning the item is just as straightforward and the system prevents the computer from being reissued until it is fully charged.

The Diplomat can also be used as a "Bring your own Device" system allowing users to rent a locker to securely place their own laptop, tablet, or mobile device and recharge the battery at the same time.

The Diplomat is fully SIP 2 compliant and uses the LMS for validation of users but is also formatted with its own internal database if an LMS is not used.
  • Features D-Tech's intuitive, simple SelfCheck software
  • Ready assembled and installed by D-Tech technicians
  • Capacity range of 12-96 modules, fully configured to customer requirements
  • can be mobile or static fixed
  • All brands of laptops can be accommodated
  • Each drawer charges, updates Windows and Anti-Virus software and is temperature controlled
  • Built-in surge protection