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The Copicode IP is a flexible Ethernet networked terminal designed to report and charge for use of photocopiers and printers. It features a full alpha numeric keypad which provides maximum flexibility.  Users can authenticate against their network log in, user name and password, or card reader, including barcode scanner, magnetic stripe swipe, or proximity/smartcards.  The Copicode-IP terminal has a built-in network switch which simplifies the connection of the terminal to the network.  A single network port will support both the Copicode IP terminal and the network connection of the copier or MFP. The terminal has two spare RS232 ports which allows maximum flexibility when connecting any serial reader device.  Currently, the Copicode-IP integrates with PaperCutMF for print release and copy control, and with Pharos, for copy control only.
Copicode-IP on table or wall mount stand, with barcode scanner for library or barcoded student ID cards.  Also available with magnetic stripe card reader.
Copicode-IP Brochure

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