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CPad terminals are touchscreen modules with an integrated PaperCut interface that plug into the desired MFD via an access port. Cartadis CPad terminals are a hardware neutral solution and can turn almost any copier into a PaperCut tracked and controlled machine.

CPad is a new hardware terminal thats been developed in partnership with PaperCut. It aims to bring the touchscreen funtionality seen on embedded solution to a vendor independant hardware offering.


  • Cut Costs - copy & print quotas encourage users to think before they print
  • Be Free - the cPad can turn almost any device into a PaperCut machine
  • Go Green - environmental impact reporting gives you facts on usage
How it works

CPad is a high resolution 7” touch screen that interfaces with your copier, and brings all of PaperCut’s core functionality to almost any copier.
CPad works by locking the copier until the user has authenticated by one of the various configurable authentication methods.
Users interact with the cpad via a rich touch screen offering an intuitive interface. Copying is tracked and reported to the PaperCut central server in real time.
For secure print release and PaperCut ‘find me’ printing, users are presented with an onscreen list of print jobs and may release their jobs with one touch. CPad supports all advanced features such as card readers, self-association / registration of cards and account selection via keyword/ID search. The CPad delivers a high level of functionality for any environment.
  • High resolution 7" color touch screen
  • Real-time responsive touch interface
  • Inbuilt dual port ethernet hub Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
  • Dual USB ports for card readers and other supported hardware
  • External power supply
  • True 2.6 Linux operating system
  • 128 MB Flash disk, 64 MB RAM
  • Multiple USB card readers supported, HID, mifare and others
  • Cable locking cover reduces risk of disconnection
  • Dimensions - 188 x 127 x 37 mm
  • User interface configurable to promote your organizations corporate brand