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Solutions for Business

SYSTEMS began over 30 years ago, providing cost recovery services to legal and architectural firms.  We started with data recorders that would capture copier transactions, faxes, and phone calls.  This enabled professional firms with the ability to charge individual clients for these costly services. Over the last two decades has advanced into the public library and higher education markets, but we still remember where our industry first started.  

Business today are striving to lower costs and a major expenditure is printing and copying.  We understand your goals and can provide a number of solutions to help you look after your bottom line.  We offer software solutions that allow you to govern the printing and copying habits of your workforce and enable them to use resources more wisely.  In addition, we can provide systems that allow you to easily charge back to departments, specific projects, or individual customers.

Do I need to print the entire document?  Does it need to print in color?  These are the questions you want your employees asking.


Products for Business
Pharos Systems Software:
  • Pharos Blueprint Enterprise Software
  • Pharos Uniprint Office
  • Pharos iMFP Embedded Solutions
  • Pharos MobilePrint
  • Departmental Chargeback
  • Third-party billing
PaperCutMF Print Management Software:
Printers & Multi-Function Devices (MFPs):
  • Lexmark Printers & MFPs
  • HP Printers & MFPs
  • All major makes and models supported
Authentication hardware (for printers & MFPs):
  • Magnetic swipe readers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Proximity & smartcard readers
Computer Protection products:
  • Deep Freeze by Faronics
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Executable
Other products and services available:
  • Custom printed ID cards (standard & proximity)
  • Installation & Training
  • Custom Scripting
  • Free Consultations