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Faster, Lightweight, Powerful...
  • Malware is among the leading cause of corrupted PCs, damaged applications, and lost productivity.
  • Leave the bloatware behind with Faronics Anti-Virus, the light-weight, incredibly powerful alternative to cumbersome and slow anti-virus applications on the market.

Destroy Viruses in Their Tracks
External PC attacks are on the rise accounting for 92% of all data breaches. With over 60,000 new unique pieces of malware emerging daily, anti-virus programs have never been more essential. Faronics AV is one of the best artillery weapons to defend your PC against viruses and malware available on the market today. 

Lightening Fast Protection
Offering one of the highest rated anti-virus products with one of the fastest scan speeds, Faronics has you covered. Using the most advanced technology and built from the ground up, Faronics Anti-Virus protects your PC from malware threats including viruses, spyware, root-kits, and more. At up to 300% faster than competing AV solutions, it delivers unparalleled value. 

Light as a Feather
Many AV programs slow down machines at start-up and bring them to a grinding halt while scanning. Not Faronics Anti-Virus. Armed with a small disk footprint and low RAM usage, Faronics Anti-Virus takes it easy on your CPU consumption allowing users to operate their computers with minimal impact. Full protection, but as light as a feather. 

Deep Freeze Integration
Faronics Anti-Virus was designed to integrate seamlessly with Faronics Deep Freeze updating your machine while in frozen state. Since your AV program relies on the latest definition files to update its growing list of known threats, it’s only as good as the last update. Managed from a central Core Console, Faronics Anti-Virus provides the most up-to-date enterprise level protection hassle-free without scheduled Deep Freeze maintenance periods. 

The Layered Security Approach
With 60,000 new unique pieces of malware emerging daily, relying on one method of security alone is no longer enough. The Faronics Approach to layered security protects against multiple layers of potential threats on one central console, offering a simple, first-rate security system and peace of mind. Faronics Anti-Virus keeps the known threats out without compromising system performance and integrates seamlessly with Faronics Deep Freeze, which delivers enterprise-wide security against accidental or malicious damage with every reboot. Faronics Anti-Executable protects users while in-session and allows only approved applications to execute on your machines, providing total security for your business. 

Technical Features
  • Advanced anti root-kit technology
  • High speed file scanning
  • At least two definition updates a day
  • USB devices scanned on connection
  • Configuration and scan scheduling done via "policies" that are centrally applied to workstations
  • Faronics Core provides a secure platform to manage anti-virus protection (definitions and threat engine updates) across the enterprise