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Material Handling
Save the thousands of hours of staff time that is required to check-in, sort and shelve borrowed items by automating the whole process with a D-Tech Automated Materials Handling (AMH) system.  D-Tech offers a wide range of cost-effecient, modular return and sorting options to suit any library and accommodate for future growth. Give us a call at 1-800-583-TRAC to discuss your particular needs so we can tailor a D-Tech system that will perfectly fit your organization.

How it works:

Patrons simply place their borrowed items in the bookdrop where they are instantly checked-in, clearing their LMS account.  The items are sorted and placed in media-friendly bins, expediting their placement back to the stacks.  This sorting system is ideal for libraries large and small since the number of bins, mounting placement and sorting matrix can be customized to meet the individual library's needs.


This outdoor, fully-automated book return gives patrons the flexibility of returning items without entering the building 24 hours a day, reducing their risk for late fines.  This unit utilizes the "Only Your Item" application so when the user holds an item in front of the letterbox opening, it automatically recognizes whether the item belongs at your library. If it recognizes the item, the letterbox will open so the item can be dropped in or it will not recognize the item and it will stay closed.


This indoor, fully-automated book return is easily installed into existing interior walls allowing for quick, easy patron access. It is equipped with a screen with simple, easy-to-follow instructions on returning items. Modern and sleek in design, the 24BookReturn will attract patrons' attention and be fun to use while reducing lines and wait times and keeping staff members free from monotonous tasks.