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AVS III Add Value Station
The TRACSYSTEMS AVS III is a stored value card dispenser and revaluator created for use with the popular TRACCARD print and copy payment system. The AVSIII is a stand-alone device that requires only a power outlet. With a push of a button on the 5.7” color touch screen interface** users can purchase a new TRACCARD or insert their existing TRACCARD and add funds that they can use to release print jobs or enable a copier. 

The AVS III can be configured to accept coin, bill, and
credit cards - or any combination of the three. There is also the option for a receipt printer. Also, the AVS III can be integrated into your current Cartadis device system.
  • EASE OF USE - A built-in color touch screen and clean user interface makes the device user friendly.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Allows your patrons or students to add funds to their stored value TRACCARD by using coins, bills, or credit card (network connection and additional software required for credit card processing).
  • REPORTS - All transactions are stored and can be reported on. The optional receipt printer can be added for credit card or cash transactions.
  • SECURITY - Metal case is constructed from 14 gauge vsteel. Dual 7 pin tumbler locks with a through frame design deters vandalism and prevents theft. Unit can be securely mounted on wall or table.
  • EXPANDABLE - The modular design of the AVS III allows you to choose what features you wish to implement.
Technical Specifications:

Card Acceptance:
Color Touch Display:
• NEW 5.7” Diagonal viewing area touchscreen interface with optional customizations.
• Brightness 350 cd/m² typical
• 10/100 base T- compatible with RJ-45 interface
• Standard or International currency bill acceptor
• Optional 3.5” coin acceptor
Optional Printer: 2” Thermal receipt printer
Card Dispenser Capacity: 400 cards
Energy Requirements/Usage: 115/220v/0.2A /16W idle
Dimensions: 19.75” W x 21.75” T x 11” D


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